Portland Home Sellers! Ready to Sell?

Chances are you found this website by doing a little bit of research on real estate agents and listing agents throughout the Portland Oregon area. A lot of homeowners simply use the closest agent that they know of or can think of at the time to list their home but that’s not always the best option. When selling a home you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars here, not something an amateur agent should have to deal with.

Experience matters and while we all had to start somewhere, nothing beats the experience of a dedicated, full-time, and seasoned real estate agent. While real estate agents all across the country have to undergo continuing education, nothing beats the education from actual experience.

Many real estate agents simply get into the business to help out a friend or family member or to buy and sell real estate for themselves part-time. Only full-time real estate agents literally do this full time and those of the ones that you should contact when it comes to selling your home for top dollar. Just because someone’s brother’s cousins, Plummer’s wife happens to be a real estate agent, doesn’t mean they’re the best person for the job. Experience matters, from pricing the home correctly, to marketing, staging, and transaction, nothing beats the experience of a dedicated and full-time Portland listing agents.

Tips for Portland home sellers:Portland Home Sellers

When you’re ready for a listing presentation, I would love to give you a consultation on how we can best price your home and sell it for top dollar. Markets change day by day so pricing it correctly, listing it on a particular day, and staging it as well as targeting your prime demographic all take research and dedication as well as experience and knowledge of the industry and market. While most of this is done on my side of the table, there are some things I ask all homeowners/sellers to do before listing.

Clean it like you’ve never cleaned before. You should be able to eat off just about every surface in your home once you’ve cleaned well enough for today’s homebuyers. They are picky and even though the market can swing from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market, nothing beats a clean and tidy home.

If you can swing it, I often recommend hiring a professional cleaner or cleaning service at least once a week while your home is on the market. This takes the stress off of your shoulders and allows you to focus on other items during the process.

Try not to make any mess that cannot be cleaned up in 30 minutes or less. This is a great strategy as it keeps everyone in the family on point.

Staging doesn’t necessarily mean spending hundreds of dollars on a professional home stager. Simply watching a few DIY shows, HDTV episodes, or even per bruising Pinterest for some amazingly staged homes can really work wonders. Make sure you take down anything religious, collections, memorabilia, or excessive personal photos. You want this home to seem as neutral as possible, ready for just about anyone to move in.

Keep small knickknacks and items in groupings of threes on tables and counters. This brings your eye to different levels and textures while keeping a clean and clear surface.

Set the stage for each room in the house. Make sure the bathrooms look like a relaxing spot oasis with rolled white towels and green plants. Make sure bedrooms are neatly staged with well-made beds, throws, comfy and cozy atmospheres, a pair of glasses and a book on the nightstand. Kitson should be ready to cook the Thanksgiving meal get clear enough to start from scratch. For listing photos and flyers, consider setting the table and setting the stage in other rooms such as a glass of wine and a good book next to a roaring fire.

Smells also matter so take care of any issues that might be pungent to buyers such as pet odors, cigarette smoke, mildew, mold, or teenagers… Yes, I know that smell well. Make sure the home smells clean and clear without a lot of excessive perfumes. Trust me, vanilla might be nice but it can go overboard very quickly.

Never neglect curb appeal. Most listing photos will require a picture of the outside of the home as the featured image so this is the photo that’s really going to grab buyers. Your curb appeal needs to be on point and just like a professional cleaner, I suggest hiring a landscaper while the home is on the market at least once a week, and even more often in the fall when leaves are constantly falling creating clutter and slippery sidewalks.

Each home is unique so while these are some general suggestions, I can offer tips and specific ideas for your particular home in staging and cleaning. Contact me below for a free listing presentation and let’s see how we can get your Portland home sold fast.