If you are looking for excellent volunteer opportunities in Portland Oregon, well, we have compiled exhaustively great opportunities to involve yourself. All you must do is read through and choose what best fits your skills, interests, schedule, and charity desires. We have also included kids-friendly volunteer activities if you want to volunteer together with your family or to nurture your kids to adapt to the art of giving.

Growing GardenGreat Volunteer Opportunities in Portland Oregon

The main aim of this organization is to improve nutrition, health, self-reliance through home-scale organic food gardening. Their key objective is to enhance the quality of life and environment for people and communities in Portland, Oregon. They work with volunteers to build home gardens, school gardens, and organization gardens. They have garden clubs for the next generation of growers and also offer workshops to educate gardeners. So, if you are interested in food security, this is the best place to volunteer.

Brown Hope

If your interests are in social movements, then this is the most significant opportunity for you. It is a community solution for social injustice that advocates for social change through talents to give a voice of reason. This society has the following exciting programs.

Other volunteering opportunities include:

Volunteering opportunities for kids

Volunteering with kids may seem daunting, but Portland has a place for you and your kids to get involved. These volunteering opportunities include:

Other Voluntary opportunities you can explore are:

More Great Adventures in Portland:

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