The 58th annual Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts is traditionally held at the Lakewood Center and George Rogers Park but due to the impact of COVID, this year’s festival has been moved from a large multi exhibit Festival event in June to a temporary focus on one major outdoor exhibit, Art in the Park. The festival will also feature smaller events and programming throughout the year as safety requirements allowed.

Art in the ParkLake Oswego Festival of the Arts 2021

This year’s festival will showcase talented and visionary artists around the Pacific Northwest. It will operate to date sales event in George Rogers Park focusing solely on talented artists and their work. Artists and their booths will be safely spread out to accommodate the public and mask-wearing and social distancing is required. This event is an open showed artist to produce original, handmade, arts and crafts. The festival offers a chance for artists to showcase their wares and long-standing traditions, artists on the cutting edge and newly emerging artists. The entry fee is $35 per attendee.

Art in the Bubble

Throughout the year, the festival will feature a series of socially distant art lectures sponsored by the Lakewood Center for the Arts. This new program offered through the center will celebrate efforts by offering a unique and intimate dialogue and viewing of our via Zoom. Participants can enjoy safely from the comfort of their own home.

Each guest artist will present a unique aspect of their artistic practice which may include certain demonstrations and question and answer panels of certain themes within their work. Each artist will present their work during the event which can be viewed and purchased directly after the lecture. Most of the series will begin at 5 PM on Zune and will conclude around 615. Make sure you register for this event and it’s by donation only.

Lakewood Center

The Lakewood Center for the Arts has been a long-standing landmark in the Lake Oswego neighborhood. Their desire to inspire and nurture a love of theater and art is well received in classes, plays, festivals and their gallery. It’s a popular and financially successful member of the arts community, which began in 1952. The center offers several art classes, theater classes, a variety of shows and plays throughout the year, award shows, updated scholarship award winners and information for graduating seniors, multiple events such as Lakewood and City Lights, Wine on Wednesdays, and awards parties not to mention the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.

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