The Lake Oswego city staff members are preparing and planning a sustainable move. The city is looking to move into new City Hall, phase 1 of the project to be completed in March 2021. Because of this, old furniture has been made available-for-sale to the public.Lake Oswego City Hall is Moving and You Can Cash in

If you’re looking to cash in on some of the cities old furniture you’ll find a variety of tables, filing cabinets, chairs, and other excess items that won’t be needed in the new building. This is all on phase 1. Phase 2 will include demolition of the existing City Hall and site work, the upper parking lot and Civic Plaza, which is expected to be completed in August 2021.

The process of moving actually began a few months ago. The city’s goal was to reuse, recycle, or donate any surplus furniture. The city checked with the Lake Oswego School District and local nonprofit organizations on donations but in the end decided to open up sales to the general public.

How to Buy at City Hall

The city of Lake Oswego has had a sustainability goal for several years. By selling the furniture, it made sense into reducing material that’s just going to the landfill. Most of these items are extremely useful and in good condition and may have years of life left in them. Not only are some of the items going to be sold but you can bid on some of the surplus items as well by visiting GovDeals.

Items and furniture are sold as-is and must be picked up at City Hall located at 380 A Avenue by the end of February. Also, more items will be added daily so it’s important to check back if you plan on buying something. Items can change daily.

As of the publishing of this post, there are some great deals on items like wood benches, planter boxes, filing cabinets, multiple chairs and tables.

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