Throughout history, a home with an attractive white picket fence has been a symbol of “the American dream.” But today, this icon of the past is often replaced by fencing that adds privacy and security as well as “curb appeal” to a home.How to Choose the Right Fencing For Your Home

If you are planning to embark on a fencing project, come up with a plan that reflects the purpose of your fence. For instance, will it be for privacy, to keep pets in, keep deer out, block wind or a street view, secure a swimming pool or simply add a decorative element to your home and landscaping?

Fencing DIY?

If your fence is a do-it-yourself process project, you can find resources such as videos and manuals on the Internet or from suppliers of fencing materials.
However, taking on fence installation yourself can be fraught with problems; while you may save on the labor costs you may discover the frustration of spending your own time on the project, and dealing with unexpected issues would be counterproductive in the long run. Professional fence installers normally have teams of workers that can help the process go a lot smoother, quicker, and more efficiently.

The cost to install a fence average $2,822, with a typical cost between $1,665 and $4,062 according to HomeAdvisor using data reported by members. For the most common materials, costs range from $13 to $50 per linear foot, including professional installation. Labor and materials each make up fifty percent of the total budget.

When choosing fencing materials, there are a myriad of choices of pickets–evenly-spaced vertical boards attached to horizontal rails–and solid panels that can be installed as a decorative feature or for security and privacy. The material you choose depends on the purpose of your fence. For example, if you are installing a security fence, flush boards and no horizontal rails on the outside can deter potential intruders from attempting to climb it. Picking a fence with small gaps between the boards or even a lattice-like design can allow some light in a security fence. Glass panels provide unobstructed views of the surroundings while protecting from the wind.

With proper planning, selection of the right materials and sturdy construction techniques, an attractive fence can add value to your home and be a source of pride for your American dream home–even if it doesn’t have that nostalgic picket fence surrounding it.

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