What to look for in a Portland Listing Agent

a listing agent is different than a buyer’s agent and sometimes they can be one and the same which is called dual agent. But if you’re looking to sell your home, you’re probably starting the process of interviewing listing agents that are familiar with the market and your neighborhood. At Matin Real Estate Group, we specialize only in the Portland metro area and surrounding communities and have excellent listing agents ready to price your home, do the research necessary to get it into the right hands and market your home effectively. Highly Rated Portland Listing Agent

Here are five things to look for in a Portland listing agent:

#1. Responsiveness and communication.

I would say one of the number one things is how responsive the agent is and how they communicate. A lot of other things matter as well such as price and how they will market, but if the price is right and the marketing is perfect yet you can never get a hold of them or get an update on the listing, all you will end up with is being frustrated.

Ask how they will stay in communication with you throughout the process. Ask about their response time, how many other agents they have that could handle your questions, is there a team or individual you’ll be working with and if they communicate with you the best way for you. Email, in person, over the phone, or text might be more ideal so it’s important that they communicate with you on your level and keep you updated throughout the process.

#2. Understanding your expectations and responsibilities.

A good listing agent is not a hands-off agent. They also want you to be involved in the listing and marketing process. Were not going to come in and stage, prep, and clean your home for you but we can offer tips and suggestions on how to best set your home up for selling success.

Because we also deal with Portland homebuyers, we know what people are looking for and can help you prep and plan your home in order to reach the majority of the markets. Your responsibility as a homeowner is to keep the home staged or show ready, keep it clean, and do your part as a homeowner. We don’t live with you so your responsibility is within the home.

#3. Knowledge and experience.

Anyone can take the real estate exam and pass. While continuing education is prominent in this industry, nothing beats experience. Every single transaction is different and you need to know how to negotiate between buyer and seller, between agents, and how to communicate with all parties involved such as escrow, lenders, appraisers, and inspectors. The experience offers the nuance it takes to be diplomatic, professional, and yet aggressive when necessary.

This is truly something that cannot be taught. Expert negotiation skills are a talent and having an agent that is well-versed as well as extremely experienced, can work wonders to getting you the right price and the right offer on the table.

#4. How many homes do they sell in a year?

This is different than listing homes. If an agent lists 100 homes a year but only sells four of them, they’re probably not the best agent. An active, full-time agent can sell anywhere from 10 to 30 properties a month so if you’re dealing with an agent that only sells one or two properties a month or has more than 5200 for one agent, the inexperienced agent might not know what they’re getting into and the overbooked agent may not have time to take on another listing. There’s this sweet spot of balance between the right communication and attention as well as the right experience to get the home sold quickly.

#5. Do you know the market?

Not only does the agent need to have the knowledge, experience, and communication, but they need to know the current market. Markets change from week to week and season to season so understanding and keeping up with the current market will help price the home correctly the first time. The last thing you want is to leave money on the table by underpricing a home or pricing it high expecting to drop it if it doesn’t sell but sitting on the market longer than you have to. That balanced price is crucial to getting a home sold quickly and effectively.

When you’re ready, contact our office at any time. We love to help you find the right listing agent with our team, get your home priced and marketed accordingly, and sold quickly and successfully.



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